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Warranty conditions

  1. QWATT OÜ (Qilowatt It) mediates the manufacturer’s warranty for the product sold. During the warranty period, the warranty entitles the buyer to demand free repair of the thing or replacement of the thing if it is impossible or unsuccessful.
  2. The warranty covers the cost of repairing defects in construction, workmanship and materials caused by the manufacturer during the period specified by the manufacturer.
  3. The manufacturer’s warranty is limited to restoring the hardware to its original condition and condition. The manufacturer’s warranty does not generally allow the product to be replaced with a new product or the sales contract to be withdrawn. The manufacturer’s warranty also does not cover costs incurred due to the use or inability to use the products, loss of data or other similar events.
  4. The document certifying the validity of the warranty of the purchased product is the confirmation of the Sales Agreement or the sales invoice.
  5. The warranty period starts from the delivery of the product to the buyer and is valid until the end of the period specified by the manufacturer of the goods.
  6. If the product is repaired during the warranty period, the warranty period will be extended by the duration of the repair period. When a product is replaced with a new product, the new product is warranted for the same duration as the sales warranty.
  7. The warranty does not exclude or limit the buyer’s right to use other legal or contractual remedies.


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