How does it work?

Our software supports a variety of devices. The most common are Sonoff and Shelly devices. All the equipment we sell on our website will definitely work.

The devices require a permanent Internet connection (WiFi) and light output (230 V) to work.

Tarkas devices can be safely connected with our software from anywhere in Europe.

When controlling devices with the QILOWATT.IT software, it is possible to plan switching according to the Nord Pool exchange price. In addition, the values of the temperature and humidity sensors connected to the devices can also be taken into account when switching. Of course, it is also possible to switch the devices manually from the app.

Some devices allow users to monitor energy use at any time and retrospectively. This makes it possible to estimate the cost of your electrical equipment at any time.

See the manual for the initial setup of the devices. You can find device management tools at .

Our mission

We combine equipment into virtual power plants. We help to rebalance the electricity grid by supporting the system like conventional power plants, but doing so faster, smarter and without an ecological footprint.

We help consume energy wisely by reducing over-consumption of electricity and keeping electrical equipment running as much as possible when there is enough renewable energy.

We are aware of the sustainable consumption of energy and give recommendations for the consumption of electrical equipment at optimized times.