• Real-time monitoring
  • Manual control
  • 14 days of reading history



  • Reference tracking
  • Automatic steering
  • 60 days of reading history
  • eWelink
  • HomeAssistant
  • Shelly



  • Real-time monitoring
  • Automatic steering
  • 2 years of reading history
  • Detailed graphs
  • TV views
  • Special solutions

Answers to questions

1Is the price based on a smart plug?
The price is based on the controlled device, which means that if the smart plug supports the control of more than 1 electrical device, each control is priced separately.
2Does the service have to be paid for every month?
Yes, the service is based on a managed device to which a monthly fee applies.
3Does the price include VAT?
VAT of 22% is added to the price.