With Qilowat, you can turn your home into an energy control centre, helping you save money on your electricity bills and earn an income. In addition, your flexible consumption will help reduce the use of fossil fuel power plants, which are expensive, polluting and used to meet peak demand. Each balanced megawatt-hour will reduce CO2 emissions by around 0.5 tonnes, thus contributing to environmental protection.

Solar inverters are becoming more necessary every day and energy security is on everyone's lips today. If, in addition to solar panels, you also have batteries to store solar energy, it is important to manage the whole solar farm as efficiently and economically as possible. With the MODBUS R2, savings of up to 65% can be achieved , depending on the capacity of the batteries and the normal energy consumption. Today, we are able to manage the most common inverters: Deye, Goodwe, Solax, QCells, Huawei, Sungrow and Hoymiles, with HDL, SMA, Sofar, Solis, SolarEdge also in development.

Heat pumps have been managed in Scandinavia for some time, but today the rest of Europe is catching on, and you can save up to 45% with smart management. Savings will depend largely on the specific characteristics of the building and the possibility of heat storage. Concrete and water are the best heat traps, it would be sensible to raise the temperature of the underfloor heating or accumulation tank by a few degrees Celsius when electricity prices are cheap, and to use the predetermined heat during the more expensive peak hours. In general, a temperature change of a few degrees in a local climate is not noticed. Today, we can manage pretty much any air-to-water, air-to-air or ground source heat pump: Midea, NIBE, Thermia, Panasonic, Atlantic, Junkers, BOSCH, Fujitsu, Daikin, Samsung, etc..

It also makes sense to manage the electric hot water boiler, as most hot water is used more in the mornings and evenings, so it is possible to heat the boiler less at night and during the day, thus saving up to 35%.

In addition, we have experience in the smart management of electric car chargers, pool heating and filtration, cooling and refrigeration equipment, industrial hot presses and calorifiers that can deliver additional savings.

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182.82 kW

Power consumption

574.86 kW

Capacity sold

812.44 kW

PV productivity

Virtual power plant

A virtual power plant is an innovative approach to electricity generation where homes, office buildings or manufacturing plants become small but important power plants in communities. This versatile concept offers a number of advantages that make it attractive in terms of both economic benefits and environmental sustainability.

One of the main advantages of virtual power plants is their ability to help balance the frequency of the power system. We are able to react quickly to fluctuations in the power grid and provide a grid balancing service within 1 minute.

Through the balancing service, it is possible to earn passive income by selling energy from batteries to the grid or by not consuming any energy at all for a certain period of time - thus leaving energy on the grid. Or recharge your batteries or heat the water by a few degrees - consuming electricity. In both cases, the owner of the virtual power plant earns revenue from it and also provides an economic incentive to produce green energy. Smaller consumers, such as homes with a small electric boiler or marginal underfloor heating, can also become owners of a virtual power plant.

We provide the service across Europe and use the ENTSO-E(European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity) data exchange layer to obtain electricity prices.

Ensuring the security and reliability of customer data is important to our service. Therefore, we only use infrastructure in Europe to provide the service, and it complies with EU data protection standards and local laws. This ensures that data is kept in a secure and regulated environment. Our services are run in a certified data centre, which holds ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and NEN 7510 certificates, among others, demonstrating their compliance with quality and information security standards.



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