Terms of service

General settings

  1. These terms and conditions of QWATT OÜ (registry code 16373039) (hereinafter the Seller) apply to all Users of the https://qilowatt.eu e-store.
  2. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, the user confirms that he has read, agrees with and complies with the terms and conditions.

Principles of data protection and processing

  1. The following data is collected from users for proper service:
    1. personal identification data;
    2. contacts;
    3. transaction details.
  2. In addition to the data directly provided by the user, the seller also stores and processes functional data collected in the online environment (cookies) and data provided by third parties (Facebook and Google Analytics).
  3. Seller will retain the data for the period specified in the privacy notice.
  4. The seller ensures the protection and processing of personal data in accordance with legislation and good practice.
  5. If it is agreed in the Privacy Policy that the User agrees to receive marketing offers, the Seller may contact the User for marketing purposes.
  6. The User can change the consent to receive marketing offers by notifying the Seller.
  7. The user is obliged to use the e-shop safely. The device used to visit the e-store must be secure and the identification data must be private.
  8. If the User becomes aware or suspects that a third party may have access to his or her personal data, he or she must immediately change the relevant data to prevent others from accessing his or her data.

Purchase of goods

  1. It is possible to buy goods in stock from the e-shop. The price and availability of the goods are subject to change without notice.
  2. The seller has the right to withdraw from the sales contract concluded via the e-store and not to deliver the ordered goods or provide the service in the following cases:
    • the goods have run out of stock;
    • the price or features of the goods have been displayed incorrectly in the e-shop due to a system error;
    • if the buyer does not meet the conditions established by the seller;
  3. If the seller is unable to fulfill the order, the amount paid will be refunded.
  4. The goods can be paid for by PayPal or bank transfer to the details shown on the invoice.
  5. The goods will be delivered to the delivery address entered in the order, according to the delivery method chosen by the customer, at the agreed time.
  6. If the buyer does not pick up the goods within 14 days after the date of receipt of the agreed goods, it is considered that the User has violated the sales contract and does not want the goods. The seller has the right to withdraw from the sales contract unilaterally and set off the incurred costs.

Withdrawal from the contract of sale and return of goods

  1. The user has the right to withdraw from the sales contract within 14 days from the date of delivery of the goods.
  2. The returned product must be in the seller’s packaging and without traces of use. Coordinate product returns in cooperation with customer support.
  3. The transport costs of the returned product are paid by the user.

Liability and dispute settlement

  1. In the event of non-compliance of the goods with the terms of the contract, the user may rely on the legal remedies provided by law, including demanding performance of the contract, claiming damages and canceling the contract.
  2. The terms and conditions of the product warranty are made available electronically in the e-shop.
  3. In the case of goods that do not comply with the terms of the contract, claims can be submitted to the seller within one month from the date of delivery of the goods. If defects are found, the goods may not be used if they deteriorate the condition of the goods.
  4. To make it easier to solve later problems, the buyer must keep purchase documents proving that the goods have been purchased from the seller’s e-store.
  5. Complaints must be submitted by e-mail to: support@qilowatt.it or by contacting the e-shop as described in the contact details.
  6. In the case of defective goods, the consumer has the right to first demand that the goods be repaired free of charge or replaced with new goods.
  7. The seller is not responsible for defects in the goods that have occurred due to improper use, maintenance or damage to the goods.
  8. The device on which the claim is based must be identifiable as a device sold by the Seller (serial number).
  9. Also, the device must not be open or its parts replaced.
  10. The seller ensures that the goods sold in the e-shop comply with the standards in force in the European Union.
  11. The user may turn to the Consumer Protection Board to resolve a dispute over the goods.