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If the heat pump supports the SG Ready function, a second relay can also be used to "battery" the domestic hot water and heating, and store excess cheap electricity as heat. Such interfaces are available on heat pumps from e.g. Nibe, Thermia, Daikini, Fujitsu, Atlantic, Mitshubishi, Panasonic* and many other manufacturers. If the batteries are fully charged and electricity is cheap enough, we can raise the temperature of e.g. domestic hot water by 5 degrees with SG Ready interface heat pumps. Raising the temperature of a 200-litre boiler by 5 degrees saves 1.1 kWh of energy.

In addition to heat pumps, it is possible to control a wide range of electrical equipment - air conditioners, electric boilers, electric boilers for accumulation tanks, swimming pools, etc. If we raise the temperature of a 1000 m3 storage tank by 10 degrees, it will hold 11kWh of energy. In a 36 m3 pool, the temperature only needs to be raised by 1 degree to accommodate 40 kWh of energy.

Some examples of the most typical settings, all parameters can be changed by the user:

  1. If electricity is cheaper than €0.007/kWh (energy sales margin), limit electricity sales. For rechargeable batteries, set the batteries to charge from the mains until they reach 95%.
  2. Sell the battery at the most expensive hour of the day at 5000W, leaving 50% of the battery capacity for your own use.
  3. Charge batteries at 1 hour at 5000W until the battery reaches 95% charge.
  4. If electricity costs more than 50 cents/kWh, sell your battery for 10% of what you have left.
  5. Allow the heat pump to run on the 18 cheapest hours.
  6. If electricity is cheaper than 3 cents/kWh and the battery is 95% charged and the sun is producing more than 1000W, set the Setpoint for DHW in the heat pump 15% higher and the Setpoint for heating 15% higher. (heat pump with SG Ready support)

We've created an inverter and battery management solution that allows you to make your devices even smarter by managing their operation from the exchange price. You can stop selling electricity to the grid when the price is not right for you, always charge batteries from the grid at the cheapest hour, sell electricity from the battery to the grid at the most expensive hour. In addition, you can choose to connect your batteries to the Elering flexibility market, earning income from the grid by storing surplus energy in batteries and selling them to the grid in case of a shortage.

We will install a Modbus R2 accessory on your inverter that communicates with the inverter via Modbus RTU (RS485) interface. This clever little device, which operates over a WIFI network, receives the most important information about the energy produced and the parameters for storing it in the batteries from the inverter. In addition, it ensures that the electricity stored in batteries is the cheapest.

What makes the Modbus R2 unique is an important additional feature - 2 relays are built into the device, which can also be used to control domestic consumers. The most common use is to limit the operation of e.g. an air-to-water or geothermal heat pump to a single relay during expensive hours. This will help us to get much more out of our batteries, leaving more power for those electricity consumers that we can't control: lighting, fridges, cooking, TV, computers, etc.

Supported inverters


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Equipment prices

Prices include 1 year FREE use of the automation.


300+ KM

  • Power supply: 12V DC
  • Relay: Eg
  • DIN mounting: no
  • Magnetic fixing: no
  • Dimensions: 24*48*18mm (very small size).
Qilowatt R2


300+ KM

  • Power supply: 250V AC / 9 - 24V DC
  • Relay: 2pcs
  • DIN mounting: yes
  • Magnetic fixing: yes
  • Dimensions: 72*40*30mm


  • Modbus RTU

  • WIFI

  • 250V AC / 12V DC

  • RS485 9V - 24V

  • Exact readings

  • Exchange price monitoring

  • Restricting energy sales

  • Charging batteries

  • 1 - 3 phase inverters

  • Fusebox

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