Boiler management is not rocket science!

Qilowatt has launched a new Modbus controller for solar inverters. The controller allows flexible and efficient control and monitoring using the Modbus RTU (RS485) data transfer protocol. The controller can communicate with and control multiple solar inverters from a single central device, facilitating system management and configuration. The Qilowatt controller monitors the stock market price! By setting its own electricity sales margin, the controller eliminates overcharging for electricity generation. In addition, it allows the collection of important information on the performance of inverters and ensures accurate and reliable data transmission.

Qilowatt's new Modbus controller is an affordable and user-friendly solution for solar energy systems, offering advanced control options and efficient power generation. We can control inverters with Modbus RTU (RS485) connection.

The following inverters are currently supported: Goodwe, Deye, Huawei

Coming soon: Sofar, Fronius, SolaX, SolarEdge, Fox ESS, Growatt, and more.


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Equipment prices

Prices include 1 year FREE use of the automation.



  • Power supply: 12V DC
  • Relay: Eg
  • DIN mounting: no
  • Magnetic fixing: no
  • Dimensions: 24*48*18mm (very small size).
Qilowatt R2



  • Power supply: 250V AC / 9 - 24V DC
  • Relay: 2pcs
  • DIN mounting: yes
  • Magnetic fixing: yes
  • Dimensions: 72*40*30mm


  • Modbus RTU

  • WIFI

  • 250V AC / 12V DC

  • RS485 9V - 24V

  • Exact readings

  • Exchange price monitoring

  • Restricting energy sales

  • Charging batteries

  • 1 - 3 phase inverters

  • Fusebox

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