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Automatic switching


To enable the automatic switch, the timer must be set.

Taimeri nupp

This will open the Planter setup screen. Where you should select Add timer.

Lisa taimer

The timer allows you to schedule switches for days of the week according to the stock market price. Here are some examples, depending on the objective.

Option 1: At least n hours per period

The following picture shows an example where the auto-switch selects the four cheapest hours between 1:00 and 7:59 on weekdays. In addition, if you select “Manual control enabled”, the smart switch will remain in the manual position until the next full hour. It is also possible to switch the relay on or off, depending on the characteristics of the electrical equipment.

Such periods can be made up of several pieces for each day, up to a maximum of 24 hours.

Taimer - variant 1

Option 2: Only if the price is below x euro

The following picture shows an example where the device is switched on between 7:00 and 16:59 on weekdays when the NordPool price is below 0.3 €/kWh. To do this, you must select a time (1), a period and the maximum number of cheap hours in that period. Then set the price (2).

Taimer hinnalae seadistamine

Option 3: Switch in n-hour period only if price is below x €/kWh.

Same as option 2, except that when you set the time, you select n hours as the number of cheap hours.

Changing an existing setting

To do this, you need to click on an existing period.

Taimeri muutmine 1

A view will then appear where you can edit or delete the selected period (1).

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Automatic switching
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